Our Mission

Olive kids internaional pre school Hasthinapuram, Chennai mission is to provide every child with a quality early childhood experience. We strive to create a safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment which fosters individual needs. Staff at Olive kids play school, Hasthinapuram,views education as a partnership between parents and teachers. We believe it is essential to develop a good rapport with each child and parent based on open communication and mutual respect. We believe this is the foundation of a successful school experience. Olive kids play school, Hasthinapuram, believe in empowering children by offering them opportunities to make decisions and solve problems. It is our goal that children will possess confidence in their abilities and establish lasting relationships with teachers and peers. By offering an engaging curriculum Olive kids play school Hasthinapuram believes that each child will develop a positive outlook towards school, a better appreciation of the world around them and acquire a life long love for learning during their time spent at Olive kids internaional pre school.We are a respected and recoginized organization in following areas of chennai city,Hasthinapuram,Sembakkam,Thirumalai nagar,Jayendra Saraswathi Nagar.

Olive kids internaional pre school shall be providing the highest standards of Early Childhood Education. The programs offer peace of mind to each parent. We understand Early Childhood Education. We have listened to parents, teachers and children while developing our programs. Research has shown that early years learning plays a crucial role in the development of the intellect self-esteem and self-confidence. We have written our curriculum, designed our facilities and trained our facilitator according to these findings. We know that the first five years of a child's life are critical learning years for intellectual development. We have developed interesting and intelligent, in-house, training modules for our educators and staff. Regular up gradation of methodologies and systems is undertaken by involving experts on the subject and field. Training is an ongoing process at Olive kids internaional pre school.

Olive kids internaional pre school's mission is to nurture innocence and curiosity in partnership with parents, grand-parents and guardians. Both the content and the intent, at our end will be to take the little one to hands-down experience of the Supreme Balance in a Healthy Environment. We provide the most comprehensive Child Care Learning Environment to meet the needs of your child and set in a foundation of intelligence and learning in the child. Empowering children along the grain at their own pace, has been the 'one thought' behind the vision.

Olive kids internaional pre school program is designed to help each child be themselves and yet be able to succeed in a group. We feel that children should have the opportunity to express themselves freely in an orderly atmosphere, as they learn through play. The children can explore all things presented to them as individuals, yet still remain part of a diverse group. Learning to share and respect the natural differences of their peers as they further develop their own personalities