Management and Staff

At Olive Kids the staff are Motherly, Friendly, Trained to work in a Kid’s environment with full dedication to work for the development of all round abilities of the children. Our professional staff at Olive Kids take care of every kid with due diligence and go the extra mile in times of need and emergencies.

Our management team

Mr Osman Baig - Chairman

Mr. Osman Baig M.A, Chairman, co-founded Olive Kids International playschool (OKIPS) with his son. Prior to starting OKIPS, Osman Baig had retired from Higher Secondary School teaching as Vice Principal. He is an excellent Academician with teaching experience of over 35 years from Subjects ranging from English, Science, Urdu, History and Geography with practical application and moral instructions. He holds a Masters in Urdu Language from Madras University and he is known for his ability in teaching and handling students, organizational and management skills.


Mr. Irshad M Baig holds a MBA in Information Technology and currently pursuing Doctorate in Information Sciences. Being a seasoned Professional, Dynamism is part of his nature; he has a successful career in IT holding Senior Management Post in Corporate IT Sector, with renowned MNCs worldwide.

Teaching kids is his passion and Affordable Quality Education to every child is his dream which makes a person acquire real knowledge in turn realizing self, surroundings and society. A knowledgeable foundation will lead to better self, better home and a better nation, there by building a better India.

Children in India are either mechanized or socialized without proper knowledge and moral foundations and the childcare which can imbibe goodness at that early age goes away just playful without inculcating proper moral values. Irshad had a serious concern about this early age whiled away without cultivating good habits, morals and character-building from start. Keeping this in view, Olive Kids International School was founded and hopes to ensure, Quality Education integrated with Real Knowledge and Technology brings home a kid, enlightened, cultured, nurtured and happy while being all playful.


Mrs. Faizunissa, A Graduate in Alternative Medicine, has been part of Academic teachings prior to joining hands to establish OKIPS.

She strives to provide Quality Education with an International Curriculum adding character building and cultivating good habits in a play-way method in a friendly atmosphere with latest technologies coupling up with excellent amenities. An Ardent Mother with lovable attitude towards kids, every decision of OKIPS is made keeping in view her own children in place, as though like her own kids, which will bring in dream come true by achieving the set goals, aspiring all kids to be great citizens of India.