Bring out the champion in your kid

UCMAS (Universal Concept Mental Arithmetic System)

UCMAS is a Chinese based Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Concept. Abacus, which was for long used as a calculating tool in China and many other East Asian countries, was found to do greater good to the children of the age group 4 – 13 years. In the latter part of the 20th century, it was found after extensive research that Abacus learning not only gave arithmetic skills to children, but also enhanced the soft skills of children of the age group 4 – 13 years, during which period, brain growth is close to 80%. Soft skills such as Concentration, Listening, Photographic Memory, Speed and Accuracy, leading to Creativity and Presentation skills needed a mention here. A Eight term (24 months) syllabus today UCMAS concept is popular in more than 40 countries starting from Malaysia

Arithmetic is extremely important for building up a solid academic foundation for our children. UCMAS Mental Arithmetic is an internationally well known powerful mental development programme. Our successful, step by step, guidance and motivational teaching method will,effectively activate children’s latent Mental Power and develop memory,analysis, observation, creative, judgment and self-confidence. The advantage of learning UCMAS Mental Arithmetic is to acquire high levels of Concentration, fine quality Listening, Visualization, Creativity and Presentation skills and help in excelling in other academic subjects.

UCMAS is an international Concept and it was developed from “Zhusuan Methodology” that originated in China. UCMAS Mental Arithmetic System is a modern representation of an ancient art of Mental Math. UCMAS Mental Arithmetic is an internationally well-known powerful Mental Development Programme, which will effectively activate children’s latent mental power and develop their utmost in Photographic Memory and Mental & Creative Skills resulting in Self-reliance and Self-confidence.