Our Objectives

At Olive kids international pre school,Hasthinapuram, Chennai, we make education enjoyable and fun.Our aim is to make every child learn a new thing each day at school.we have a structured timetable for everyday, that makes learning a happy experience. Olive kids play school makes communication between teachers and student a pleasant thing. we use educational toys to impart knowledge to children. We have separate activities for pre kg and play group kids. We help children learn about the world around them by explaining day to day routine things we do at home and outdoors. Olive kids play school encourages children towards good behaviour both inside and outside of it. we teach children about good manners and kindness towards each other and also how to respect elders and peers. We believe that Olive kids international pre school has improved with each passing day to become a invaluable asset to people who promote it and also society at large in Hasthinapuram, Chennai locality. Olive kids play school follows a theme based education framework. Every working week of a calander year follows, defined at the start of the year, this approach helps children learn a lot of things about the world the live in, with focus of a whole week,kids will carry this learning for a life time.

Help your child develop socially:

As children work and play together, they develop important socialization skills. These group oriented activities teach children, how to cooperate, mix and mingle, colloborate, negotiate and develop an understanding and respect for others.

Helping your child develop his intelligence and imagination:

It has been proven that a child learns best by doing. Through stimulating activities that allow him to touch, investigate and explore, your child will become well-rounded in sensory, mathematics, music, art, language, science and practical life skills.

Fostering in your child an abiding curiosity:

Children have a natural desire to "know". By providing your child with a variety of opportunities, materials and acitivities, this desire to "know" will develop into curiosity. And, curiosity is a prerequisite for creative learning.

Helping your child develop a high sense of self esteem:

Activities are developed so that each new step is built on the skill that your child has already mastered, so failure is eliminated from the experience. As your child experiences success after success, she is assured that she can learn on her own. Her self-esteem will develop and she'll feel confident about her own unique abilities and ideas.

Developing in your child positive attitude forward school and learning:

We believe children should have balance of learning and fun, structure and choice, group and individual exploration, along with uninterrupted time to explore, inquire and grow. Through self-directed activities, children can work at their own pace, repeating the activities they enjoy. This contributes to your child's success in school and learning because she is enjoying what she's doing.

Developing habits of initiative and persistence:

Because children are given a choice of activities, they become accustomed to choosing thier own work. This encourage your child to build leadership skills initiative which inspires individual growth. Children are taught persistence by trial and error and by being encouraged to complete an activity once they begin it.

Assisting your child in building good listening and concentration skills:

The ability to listen to and follow instructions foster effective learning throughout your child's lifetime. Through these experiences, your child will form positive listening, attention and concentration skills.

Initiating inner security, self - discipline and a sense of order:

The Montessori classroom itself is an valuable teaching tool. The space is simple and well-organized. This atmosphere is arranged to provide children with a sense of order but still allow them the opportunity to explore, learn and have fun.

Helping your child develop sensory motor skills:

Many activities in the Montessori classroom are designed to help children gain control over their muscles and movement. While participating in many of these activities, your child is building muscles in his fingers that will help give him better control when he begins writing.

Sharpening your child's ability to discriminate and judge:

Providing challenging sorting and matching activitites, which distinguish differences and similarities in sizes, shapes, colours, textures, smells, sound etc. develop and sharpen all of your child's senses.