Franchise opportunity with Olive Kids

Olive kids advantage

  1. Internationally managed pre-school chain.
  2. Owned and managed by highly qualified & most experienced management team.
  3. World acclamined MONTESSORI EDUCATION SYSTEM, based on 50 years of R & D.
  4. Reasonable Franchise fee & royalty.
  5. Fully focused management on running Playschools.
  6. Every branch has its own identity, look & feel, making the brand gel with local enviroment.
  7. Localized branding makes a parents & public identify with the brand.
  8. Our media hand takes care of public relations and press.

What makes Olive Kids the best

  1. Children oriented interiors.
  2. Multimedia based Video/Audio teaching.
  3. Special children play area.
  4. Arts & Craft workshop.
  5. Educational toys and games.
  6. Theme based teaching methodology.
  7. Drama and Annual day celebrations.
  8. Regular picnic and educational tours.

Your investment

  1. Area: Minimum 800 sq ft space on ground floor.
  2. Investment: 4-8 lacs, depending on city & location.
  3. Licensing Fee: 1-5 lacs, depending on city & location.

What you get

  1. Managed by internationally reputed professionals.
  2. Curriculum designed by the best in business.
  3. Savings on investments, due access to our network of vendors.
  4. Better decision making, due to access to our expert guidance.
  5. Support from inception to planning, executing and till delivery of the project.
  6. Media management and press relationship.
  7. Support for event management.
  8. Support for resolving day to day to issues.
  9. Training for management personnel.
  10. Support for keeping the school environment clean & tidy.
  11. Support for Montessori training of teaching staff.
  12. Support for incorporating advance teaching methodology.
  13. Support for managing IT infrastructure.
  14. Free access to in-house software developed.
  15. Support for creating and branding web presence (school website).
  16. Support for training staff in day to day use of computer applications.
  17. Support for local marketing and promotions.
  18. Support for internet marketing.

Our quality

Our expert team will set the ball rolling for you.

As a Olive kids franchise, you will get the very best deal from us. Our expertise in every aspect of business will be used to create a very stable and economically viable setup for you. We pursue high standards in design and developing kid’s environment of international repute.

  1. Inception
    Our team of expert designers, planners and entrepreneurs will sit down with you to design a custom pre-school project for your very specific needs.
  2. Planning.
    In this phase we will plan everything and every aspect of project on the paper and when all our experts agree on plans lay out, we will proceed further.
  3. Development.
    During this phase, we will put to action all plans we have devised for your specific playschool project. Our expert designers, carpenters and painters, will give life to our plans in the most efficient way possible and available, right thru adhering to high standards, we so desperately stick to.
  4. Training
    Once the development is over, we shift focus on training of personnel in day to day operations of the center, very competent staff from head quarters will come and train your appointed staff. We will give training in every aspect of pre-school business model.

Ongoing support

  1. Office support
    Our well trained staff will provide support in day to day running of your front office. Office support includes MS-Office, business communication, ads designing, billing management, school admin software etc.
  2. Teaching support.
    Our well trained teaching staff will provided support in day to day needs to pre-school, helping teachers to devise individuals plans based on the needs of every child.
  3. Curriculum support.
    Our well researched curriculum is devised, to carter to the individual needs of every child. We help teachers to set syllabus for every term and evaluation on end of term, with the help of latest advancement in early child hood education. Our syllabus doesn’t force a child to learn, we allow every child to learn at its own pace. We help teachers devise and develop, play way method syllabus for every child, which is learning in a fun and entertaining way
  4. Media & event Management support
    Our Media Managers will help you deal with official communications, both in press as well as internet, they will also help in organizing educational trips and functions like Annual day